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ELSCO, We are the makers of Super Blast Off®, an all-in-one cleaner second to none.

ELSCO was founded in 1955 after the development of what we believed was the best cleaning compound ever made.

More than 52 years later we still believe it. And for 52 years we have proven it. But the original question was, “what do you name the best, most universal and dynamic cleaner?”  The only name that hit the founder’s mind was,BLAST OFF®,” because that is exactly what the product did.

It blasted grease, grime, dirt, and soils of any kindoff any surface with remarkable speed and ease.

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Product Uses

SUPER BLAST OFF® cleans your home, kitchen, dining facilities, and industrial surfaces. The quality of our product is proven by our competitors.

Saftery Cleaner

The jet action safety cleaner and degreaser comes with unlimited uses. Removes grease, wax, gum, dirt, oil, ink, mildew, carbon, running rust, and difficult soils.


Blast Off International was founded in 1958 after the development of the true all-purpose cleaner on the market. We offer our customers the top quality product.




Dilute 1 part SUPER BLAST OFF® with 20 or 30 components of cold or warm water. Spray or wash on, and dry with a clean cloth.


Aluminum and stainless steel

Having a dilution of one part SUPER BLAST OFF® into 20 or 30 parts of water, then use to surface and wipe clean. Always use a clean cloth when wiping aluminum or stainless steel to guarantee a glowing surface.


Wax removal

For simple removal of the majority of flooring finishes, use one component SUPER BLAST OFF® with around ten components of warm or hot water. Spread solution on flooring and allow to stand for approximately five minutes. Use a green or black stripping mat under a floor system to remove old wax. Rinse later.

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The benefits of Using a Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Both disinfectants and cleaners are required to clean our homes efficiently. Cleaners are used to remove the dirt and grime from a surface while disinfects will kill the microorganisms that may cause various diseases and even bad odour.While most of think that cleaning is enough to keep the surface of our homes neat, others may think that the surface needs to be disinfected to remove all the microorganisms. Most of us do not have the time and patience to do both cleaning and sanitizing the surface.Many companies have come up with an idea of combining all the cleaning solutions into one product so that you will be able to disinfect and clean the surface at the same time. When you use a multipurpose cleaner, you save both time and money.

The benefits of Using a Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The following are some of the other benefits of using a multi-purpose cleaner:

Saves storage space:

Instead of storing each cleaning solution in a separate bottle you can store one bottle which will be a replacement for all the other bottles. We tend to buy separate cleaning solutions for various materials and worry about allocating all those bottles a separate storage space. But, with a multi-purpose cleaner, you just need one spot, and you will not be confused where you kept the cleaning solution for each of the materials.

Lesser budget:

With all the cleaning solutions in one bottle, you don’t have to worry about spending your money to buy separate cleaning material for each material in your house. It can also be very confusing to remember all the products you have to buy for various surfaces at your home. When you have an all-purpose cleaner, you just have to pick the brand you want and instead of spending a lot of money for five separate bottles you just have to spend for one bottle.

Helps you in saving time and energy:

Cleaning the house does not mean that your house is free of microorganisms. You need to disinfect the surface and make sure that everything is sanitized. Cleaning and then sanitizing the house takes twice the time. With an all-purpose cleaner, you just have to clean your home once, and you will get your house cleaned and at the same time kill all the germs and microorganisms.

Reduce the amount of waste generated:

Many chemicals are added to these cleaning solutions to remove the dirt and stains from the materials in your house. The factories which produce these cleaning solutions generate tons of chemical wastes which are toxic to the environment. When you buy a Multi-Purpose Cleaner, you reduce the number of bottles that are manufactured by these factories, and thus you save fuel and generate less waste. Most of the Multi-Purpose Cleaners are now made out of organic materials, and therefore you don’t have to worry about chemical toxins affecting the surface on which you are using them.


What Is The Best Way To Clean Dirt Off Walls?

No matter how much dusting and cleaning is done in a household, dirt and smudges are bound to appear on walls eventually, especially if the family has been living there for a while, or if there are children and pets around. Despite everybody’s most significant attempts to ignore these dirty walls, it’s come to a point where it mars the overall beauty of the room, and everybody is at their wits’ end. Fear not, however, for there are more than a few ways to clear dirt off your walls, regardless of whether your walls are painted or plastered with wallpaper. It is the best way to clean dirt off walls:

Products Needed To Clean Dirt Off Walls

  • Water
  • Dishwashing liquid/White vinegar
  • A soft sponge
  • Vacuum/ soft-bristled brooms
  • Light degreasers (Optional)

How To Clean Dirt Off Painted Walls

Painted walls can be categorized into two different types- that is latex painted walls or oil-based painted walls. For latex painted walls, first, use a soft brush or a vacuum to dust off the walls. Then, dampen the sponge with warm water and try to rub out the smudges. It should get rid of the lighter stains, but if the stains remain, then add three to four drops of either white vinegar or dishwashing liquid into your bucket of water. Next, dampen the sponge with the new solution, and gently scrub off the stains. Degreasers or harsh chemicals should not be used on latex walls, as they will destroy the paint. If the pure water and vinegar/dishwashing liquid solution don’t work, then it’s time to call a professional for a repainting job.

Oil-based walls, on the other hand, is a hardier type of paint, on which light degreasers and chemicals can be used. As with latex painted walls, start off with dusting the walls and then rubbing a water-dampened sponge over it. If the stains persist, then rinse out the sponge and use a solution of water and vinegar/dishwashing liquid. For the most stubborn stains, you could use light degreasers to scrub them off. However, it is advised that you first use the degreaser in a more hidden corner to test whether it will damage the coat of paint (find out how to get grease out of clothes).

Products for Cleaning Wallpaper:

  • Vacuum/Soft-bristled brooms
  • Water
  • Dishwashing Liquid/White vinegar
  • Cloth/Soft sponges

How To Clean Dirt Off of Wallpaper

However, if your walls are plastered with wallpaper, here are some ways to clean your wallpaper. First of all, dust off the walls with a vacuum or a soft-bristled broom. It should get rid of any dirt or cobwebs clinging to the wall. Then, you would need to determine your wallpaper type: Is it vinyl, cloth or paper? For vinyl and cloth wallpapers, you could dampen a soft sponge a solution of dishwashing liquid/white vinegar and water. Then, scrub gently on the walls to remove dirt. Next, you should wash out the sponge and use water to rinse out the solution from the walls, and quickly dry the walls with a dry cloth to avoid it absorbing too much moisture. Paper wallpapers, however, should not get wet, so instead, buy a bare sponge from the hardware store to gently scrub off any dirt on the walls.


And there you have it – the best way to clean dirt off walls. These tips and tricks should be able to get rid of the most stubborn stains – but if you are experiencing problems with these methods, you may want to:

  • Get a repainting job scheduled
  • Get help from an expert.
  • Get washable wallpaper




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