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Cooking has always been exciting and pleasurable until you need to remove that burnt grease on your stovetop. It is commonly a challenging part of cleaning in the kitchen especially for varied sizes and shapes of our stoves. You may always wonder how to get cooked on grease off stove top easily. Here are the simple and easy options you can do without putting in much efforts to get it done like a pro by just using available items at your home.

First, make sure to let the stove’s surface cool down when it’s hot. Remove loose dirt from cooked foods using a damp cloth. Use hot water to clean the surface of the stove. Hot water is chemical free but effective in removing grease. Let the hot water sit on the surface and let it cool. Use a sponge and soap to scrub the stovetop, and it will remove the grease easily.

Next option is using a baking soda. Baking soda has anti-bacterial properties which make it perfect for cleaning. Make a paste using a baking soda, water, and soap and scrub it on the surface using a rag or a cloth. You can also use lemon and baking soda to remove grease on your stovetop. Mix baking soda with water and sprinkle it on the surface. Gently scrub it using a lemon then wipe it with a damp cloth. The result will amaze you because baking soda and lemon are very effective in removing tough dirt and grease.

Another incredible answer to your question on how to get cooked on grease off stove top is using white vinegar. It is also a chemical-free way of cleaning dirt and grease. Its acidity makes it more effective for cleaning, and it also serves as a disinfectant. Mix white vinegar with water and sprinkle or scrub it using cloth on the stove’s surface and other areas. You can scrub it using a sponge with soap for a perfect finish.
If you have an available vegetable or olive oil, you can also use it to remove cooked on grease on your stovetop. Now, you might wonder how it’s possible that oil helps remove oily or greasy dirt? This trick will work since the oil will mix with oil and it will help clean oily messes around your kitchen. Use a cloth and put oil on it and start wiping the stovetop and other areas and you will be surprised with the results. It will help you remove all the oily dirt and grease and will give you a shiny finish.

Follow these tips on how to get cooked on grease off the stove top and your stove will look like it’s new! To avoid necessary rough cleaning again, regularly cleaning your stovetop will be a tremendous help plus, it will prevent any possible damage to your cooking unit. You don’t need any chemical base cleansing items because these options are available in your own home!

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