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We all know that cleaning the house is not one of the most attractive and enjoyable tasks we can do during the weekend. Surely, on several occasions, you have wanted to own a magic wand that picks up, cleans and leaves everything really shiny, but the truth is that this story of fantasy never comes true, so it is necessary to organize yourself and find a way to clean deep and fast.

Pay attention to what we are going to tell you because it can help you have a happier life, and a lot more free time to share with your family.

What is the first thing you can do?

To get yourself out of bed and start working you have to make a plan of what you are going to do and the materials you will need. Define an estimated time for each of the tasks you expect to perform. Have the container with water ready, the disinfectant, the broom, the cleaning cloths, the aromatizer you want and any other thing you need to make your home feel cool and glamorous. This process should take you between 8 and 10 minutes, and you have to be realistic, and don´t put things in your list that you can´t do in each day of cleaning.

Things that are out of place cause a sense of disorder. So after the planning stage, you have to collect and store all the scattered objects throughout the house. Dirty plates, cups, glasses, and forks should be washed, dried and put in the cupboard. Chairs, pillows, and cushions should be located in their place, the bathroom towels should be hung. These small actions are already making a difference and giving you the feeling that you are making great strides in cleaning your home. Picking up the house and washing the dishes can take about 30 minutes.

And now what do I do?

In the next 30 minutes, we recommend you sweep, vacuum and get rid of the garbage in the room. Take advantage of the fact that there are no longer objects scattered throughout the house, to clean the furniture, the sofa and the corners of the walls in depth.

Using a cloth, you can clean tables, shelves, and furniture, and always remember to use the right product to shine. Then, clean the floor making sure that the cleaning product you use is appropriate for the material that covers the floor of your house. Although it seems like an obvious advice, some people still damage their floor using the wrong products to treat them. Leave the windows open to dry as quickly as possible.

Finally, watch out that there is not a single spider web, nor any stain of food on the floor. If you are not careful with these aspects, it could make your house look dirty and neglected.

What place in the house needs more time during cleaning?

The kitchen may be the place where you spend most of the time while cleaning your entire house. The cabinets, the hood and the kitchen itself are great grease catchers and we all know it is always difficult to remove. Surely, you will insist on disappearing the grease that remains in those spaces of difficult access, and it could be a really stressful task.

We recommend you to arm yourself with a bucket of water, a cloth, a pair of gloves, a good degreaser and a lot of patience. Apply the product on the stove and let it act for about 10 minutes. Then remove the degreaser with the help of the cloth. If some traces of grease remain in certain spaces, scrub the appliance with a sponge until it gets out.

Next, use a multi-purpose detergent to clean the hood and the outside of the refrigerator. Leave the sink to the end, as you will need it during cleaning.

After this procedure, sweep or vacuum the floor and wipe with a damp cloth. Cleaning the kitchen is an intense task but if you do it without letting yourself get caught on television or without combining it with any other task, you can finish it in about 40 minutes.

How much time do I need to clean the bedrooms?

You can have your rooms ready in 20 minutes. To get started, remove all the things that are on the bed and keep them in the closet drawers. Change the sheets, the pillowcases and vacuum every corner of the room. For window panes, you can use a product to clean glass and remove excess fluid with a newspaper sheet or a dry cloth.

Also, remember to vacuum the carpets and scrub the floor. For this particular task of scrubbing the floor, we recommend you to use a disinfectant with a fragrance that you really love. It will allow you to leave a pleasant smell in the room as a reward for all the effort you are putting into cleaning your home. You can open the window to dry more quickly.

Where does the cleaning end?

Your two hours of the cleanup end with the bathroom. In this part of the house, the cleaning task is all about rubbing and rubbing. Choose a product with a good aroma that helps you remove grease and dirt.

With a brush, soap and disinfectant, clean the shower floor, the sink, and the toilet (do not forget your interior). Then, take out the soap solution completely. Finally, use a dry cloth to get a dry bathroom floor.

We recommend you to clean the house with your partner, without a doubt, this will allow you to finish faster and to interact while cleaning. In addition, when two people clean their home, both of them will be aware of the work involved, and will equally worry about keeping the house clean during the week.

Don´t let cleaning the house absorb you in such a way that you don´t have time to go to the cinema, the park, talk with your partner or children. Having a clean house is important but investing quality time with your family is much more important. So, plan the cleaning and execute it incorporating the largest amount of people in your family to help with any task. It will make the cleaning more enjoyable and fair.

Check out this one hour cleaning routine: