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Want to feel better, have more energy and live longer? All you need is exercise. Workout before or after work at a public gym, or even build your own home gym. But, if you are too busy, and you do not have time to go to the gym, you can get exercise equipment and install them in your home, so you can work out any time of the day when you get some free time. It’s only essential to maintain and keep the equipment clean, and here’s why and how to clean home gym equipment.

Ensure that your equipment is cleaned and wiped regularly. When you do the training, you sweat, which is normal. Keep in mind that after the training, you wipe the device. Ensure, beside each machine, a small towel to wipe off your sweat and sweat that falls on the exercise machines. Do the occasional disinfection of the machine because you certainly do not want the sources of the disease to be found on your device. Here are instructions on how to clean home gym bicycles:

Maintenance of bicycles for exercise

Several simple procedures will prevent malfunctions and extend the life of the bike. Bicycles do not require significant engagement and maintenance conservation in good working order.

  • Everyday, they can be wiped out of dirt, sweat, dust does not use aggressive, alcoholic substances. You can check the screws on a monthly or quarterly basis, make sure the screws are in place and tighten, the pedals, the seat, pay particular attention to the display or bicycle control panel so that there are no cracks, micro-damage through which sweat or cleaning agents will cause short circuits.
  • Annually, remove the bicycle cover and suck the dirt and dust from the inside of the bike.
  • Dust from sensitive electronic parts and assemblies that you cannot suck or blow off with the compressor, you can carefully remove with a gentle brush for painting or something similar.
  • Once in a few years, take off and check the wear on the brush of the alternator.
  • Test the bike in manual mode under all, especially the maximum load, and determine if there are slipping, buzzing, or any unusual sounds and turning difficulties.
  • Check the shaft if it stands firmly, it does not have an empty stroke or a luft and zippers whether the teeth are worn out, which can lead to slipping the chain under load.
  • Check electronic connections for cable cords if they are correctly connected and whether the cables have any signs of damage.
  • Only in this way will your bike reach its full potential and lifetime.

See more cleaning tips in this video: